¡¡Activities for "Benchmarking,promote management"
To promote the enterprise ¡°Departure more, promote more, Span more¡± and get much more brilliant achievements in 2015, Quanda enterprise keep the mind for ¡°return to zero¡±, continue to carry forward the spirit of ¡°Never satisfied, never stop¡±, finding out the gap and continuous improvement to provide the new power for new departure, new goal.

 On the basis of preliminary learning, Quanda enterprise combine the practice, embrace the following eight importance of selection of training talents, basic management of the company, performance appraisal, strategic management, information construction, enterprise cultural construction, department function adjustment and optimization that concerning enterprise development, putting forward 31 strips management improvement measures. Quanda enterprise will put the strengthening company systematic management as a long-term everlasting work to gasp, through constantly compare with the advanced, finding out gap to prompt all the staffs to abandon the thought of content with current situation, always keep the sense of mission and responsibility for ¡°never satisfied, never stop¡±, thus forms the powerful endogenous power of the sustainable development of group.