The Main industry of Quanda Group Plastic related to general plastics ABS, PMMA, PS, PB, PVC, PP, PE. Engineering Plastics PA, POM, PC, PET, UHMW-PE. Special engineering plastics PEEK, PES, PPS, PSU, PI, PAI, PTFE, PVDF, PCTFE, PEI, POB, PPO. Elasticity plastics TPU, TPE, SEBS, TPS, TPO, TPA, TPVC. Atistatic shielding plastics ABS, POM, PET, PA, PMMA, PC, PE. Insulating plastics PF phenolic Bakelite, EP epoxy series, UP(unsaturated polyester), durostone sheet and other insulation materials for electronics, modified strength plastics and plastic alloy that can be hundreds of varieties of the plastic profiles. The shapes including boards, sheets, rods, tubes, injection parts and plastic profiles.

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