Quanda 6S management system

6S is short for strategic planning system, performance evaluation system, the internal audit system, the manager appraisal system, management reporting system and business planning system, which is diversified holding company management mode based on personal characteristics. And which is Quandas core management system. 6S makes the management mode of diversified enterprise wide group more scientific and orderly, and the overall management structure becomes more flat, management can be timely and accurate access to information management, which effectively promoted strategic management ability and strategy oriented organization

Quanda 5C financial management system

5C system is based on capital, fund, asset management as the main line, taking the Capital structure, Cash Generation, Capital Raising and Capital Allocation value oriented financial management system as the core. 5C system logic cycle internal: The company is in the process of creating value, first consider the proportion of capital source, capital cost and structure, set up the company capital structure; Translate capital into competitive products or services by the business activities, the realization of cash to create, acquire sustainable growth required internal sources of funds; cash management through the payment of interest dividend, centralized cash flow and capital and asset structure; through matching funding arrangements, sustained growth required external funding sources, and through asset allocation activities of dynamic adjustment portfolio in order to achieve the value of the company continued to grow, so as to form a complete cycle of value creation.