Quanda Group Corporate Philosophy

Purpose: Becoming the engineering plastics experts around you, making the engineering plastics convenient like consumer goods, and solving your sourcing problems with our one-stop service.
Learning: keep learning to enrich our knowledge, so that we and our customers more professional.
Innovation: focusing on the innovation of technology and equipment, real-time understanding of market dynamics, innovating plastic materials and products.
Team Dynamics: providing professional-class service to customers.
Progress: Improving ourselves by listening to customers, understanding the market demand to create more high-quality materials and products.
Passion: Be happy to work in the Quanda family.

A purpose

Serve with heart and soul to ensure your satisfaction. Opening, communication, sharing

Two nevers

Never satisfied, longing for change and strength;
Never stop striving for excellence

Three responsibilities

Responsibilities of economy, society, environment.

Four facings

Facing shareholders, consumers, employees, community

Five Spirits

Global spirit
Fighting spirit
Pioneering spirit
Team spirit
Dedication spirit

Six advocacies, six oppositions

Advocating remembers our mission to oppose unambitious.
Advocate for high-spirited, opposition to the spirit of slack
Advocate for full responsibility, opposite shift responsibility.
Advocate for innovation and change, opposite conservative.
Advocacy concerted, oppose autocratic.
Advocate for honesty, oppose extravagance.