Welcome to Quandas the material world. Not just material, we have the precision machining service matching. It is our pursuit to create a full range of industrial material solutions for customers. Here you can find engineering material covers precision tooling, machinery equipment, hardware appliances, printing and packaging, mining and oil field, construction, electronics and semiconductor, aerospace, medical, food, and many other industries, sheet, bar, pipe, irregular profiles, films, precision machined parts which involving polymer and new materials. Of course, we also continue to develop new materials and composite materials, and follow up continuously improved manufacturing levels and to provide ancillary new material. Climbing top material and creating a higher level of material is the cause of our lifetime, hope to grow with customers hand in hand.

"Never satisfied, be creative, and never stop striving for excellence" in front of the existing achievements, we have always believed that an enterprise who can dream and make it true will create more miracles. Becoming a world-class competitive comprehensive plastic developing operating company," the grand goal, make us feel heavily responsible. In the future development, Quanda people should keep alive the passion to create, realize and beyond the dreams for a bright future and a new chapter!