Challenge and target

With the growing of Quanda group, the influence is constantly rise up, the relationships between the cooperation and us get more attention, how to be responsible, efficient, and get win-win with the local government, enterprise and scientific research institution to promote the strategic cooperation, how to promote the supplier, all industry to perform the responsibility in the environment business has to be standard, how to cooperate with the media sincerely, these are the major challenges. Therefore, we are expecting to build the strategy sharing mechanism and cooperate platform in government, enterprise, industry-university-research cooperation, to achieve mutual benefit and development. Through building up the platform of promoting trade cooperation, to promote the industry common development. Through carry out Supplier chain social responsibility assessment and survey, to promote responsibility purchasing and system, lead the supplier chain perform social responsibility, to put the whole social responsibility concept and policy promoting in suppliersí» production and service. By cooperate with the media positively and sincerely, to get effective communication, and spread the responsible enterprise image of Quanda.

Strategic cooperation

Strategic sharing mechanism and platform. 2013, our group completed the working mechanism of the regional chief representative, constantly strength the strategic cooperation with government and enterprise, play their respective advantages, to achieve resources sharing, building common foundation of the national economy.

Supplier chain management

Supplier chain social responsibility assessment and survey. Quanda group put the cooperation social responsibility assessment as an important judgment for whether build the cooperate or not. 2013, our group actively promote the behavior of cooperation attach importance to social responsibility , through combing key customers list, to put the performing social responsibility as the important basis of choosing the key customers.

Responsibility for procurement policy and system. In the raw material purchasing, Quanda groups are mainly consider the environment protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, social benefits etc. through signing the security and environmental protection clause with the supplier, carry the purchasing for energy conservation and environment protection. The purchasing rate has been 86% in 2013.

Lead the supplier chain to perform social responsibility. Through business contact, to drive a good social responsibility in the enterprise of ourselves supplier chain positively, by supplier management and communication, lead the supplier pay attention to resource protection, production safety, green purchasing, labor protection, respect legal compliance etc, to promote the responsibility to all industries, to cooperation, to promote the coordinated development of economic, social and environment jointly.

Media relations

The main business of Quanda group is closely related to public life, and widely distribute to all industries which has deep influence, in line with the honest, cooperation and professional thinking, Quanda group efforts to build up a good relations with the media, through public opinion management to listen to customers and social parties appeal. Through the media cooperation try to meet the needs of the media reports based on the demands, and take the initiative to invite the media into the enterprise at the same time to closely acquaint the enterprise, through opening and real publicity to show the corporate image the corporate image

Problems and improvements

The relationship between enterprise and cooperation is countless and anfractuosity. In 2013, Quanda was faced the complicated situation and put forward higher requirements on communication and mutual-growing between enterprise and cooperation. Therefore, we are continually complete the  strategic cooperation mechanisms with local government and enterprise, promote the platforms building of university-industry cooperation and innovation industry cooperation. Promote the Quanda concept of social responsibility spreading, promoting and landing in the supplier chain, putting forward the propose that surrounding the value chain to fulfill social responsibility, make the purchasing policy and system of responsibility, promote all kinds of subordinate enterprises to build up wholesome supplier management system, to carry out rating system in Quanda groups, and social responsibility one-ticket overruled. To further strength the opening and transparent, communicating with the medium depending on the new medium of Wechat and Microblog. To improve the various subsidiary companies public opinion monitoring system and reporting system co-ordinatingly, and responding the social appeal at the first tine. Quanda will get the mutual improvements with our cooperation by systematized working system, innovative communications, straight-out cooperation attitude.