Organizations and Institutions

Social Responsibility organization system of Quanda is set up in accordance with the matrix management requirements. The corporate culture and Steering Committee of social responsibility comprise the social responsibility policy-making governing structure. The authority is the Board's Office. The social responsibility regulators and promoters comprise the group ministries. Each strategic business unit, first grade group profit center and various department connect the work. Accept the work instructions and evaluating about social responsibility by the group. Sound organizational system, clear leadership responsibility, centralize management, clearly defined responsibilities, refine the objectives and optimize the program.  
By 2013, the Group completed opening and revising nearly 20 new policies. These policies imported the latest ideas and requirements on corporate culture and social responsibility by the Group Board, which play an active role in promote the responsibility practicing.

Working mechanism

Explore social responsibility management with Quanda characteristics. Concept of corporate culture corresponds to social responsibility issues and key performance indicators, social responsibility is to obey and serve the Group's 12th five-year development strategy Development Strategy long-termly, basing on social responsibility long-term planning, focusing annual liability management topics, Blending in work plan of each department. By 2013, Group defined the construction system, organizational management, dissemination promotion, practice landing, evaluation, optimization and upgrading, etc, promoting the working mechanism of the strategy, culture and social responsibility integration, building long-term mechanism to achieve the optimal upgrading.  
Establish statistical platform. Quanda has promulgated the key performance statistics indicators of the social responsibility, covering 68 core indicators of social responsibility in six areas. The indicators require ministries to clear the key performance regulation based on their responsibilities and establish the statistical indicators platform. Strategic business unit: first level profit centers based on statistical indicators, establish statistics reporting system docking with the statistical platform, enhance the implementation of the key issues, assume effectiveness of responsibility listed into schedule of business evaluation.