The social responsibility guidelines of Quanda Group follows the culture philosophy of Quanda, mission of social responsibility, vision and philosophy, and it is highly consistent with the mission, vision and values of Quanda. Honesty and compliance are the core values which stand for the corporate culture of Quanda, leading the practice direction of social responsibility. Also proposed fulfilling a series of social responsibilities including economic responsibility, employee responsibility, customer responsibility, partnership responsibility, public responsibility, environmental responsibility, used to guide social practice.

成Social responsibility mission

Hand in hand to creat beautiful life

成Social responsibility vision

Pursuit excellent development, to create excellent corporate image that " investors trust, employees love, community respect, the public extol", to build Quanda into a world-class enterprise with international competitiveness, and make achievement beyond the profit.

成Economic responsibility philosophy

Insist performance guideline, pursuit performance of  good balance, great comprehensiveness and high quality.
Performance is the basic standard of choosing ﹜employing﹜evaluating﹜motivating person.
Value first, Performance second, hardship last.

成Customer responsibility philosophy

Carefully protect the Rights and interests of customers and consumers, adhere to business ethics , conduct fair competition, and strive to provide products and services that is of better quality, more environment friendly, more user-friendly. Exceed customer*s expectations, sincerely cooperate with customers, create value for customers and grow together with customers.

成Public responsibility Philosophy

With grateful hearts, contribute to the community.

成Employee responsibility Philosophy

Strive to build organizational culture ----※Simple, honest, Sunshine§.
Strict to managers, kind to employee.
Respect to employee*s value, develop employee*s ability, sublimate employee*s heart, protect their equities, realize maximizing corporate value and employee value.

成Supply chain responsibility Philosophy

Mutual benefit, common development and win-win cooperation.

成Environmental responsibility

Not to seek business development at expense of the environment ,not to chase for short-term benefits at the expense of long-term environment.
Not to reap profits without conscience at the expense of the health and lives of citizens, not to seek short-lived enterprise glory at the expense of damage brand.