Green management

The management system for value creative of energy conservation and emission reduction. All kinds of levels actively promote the building of the management system for value creative of energy conservation and emission reduction with characteristics of Quanda according to the requirements of ¡¶Twelve-five planning of Quanda energy conservation and emission reduction¡·. By the end of 2013, through the joint effect of all kinds levels enterprise and staff, has basically build the management system for value creative of energy conservation and emission reduction and operating effectively.  

Training and publicity energy conservation and emission& environmental protection. All levels in the group actively carry out training for energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental protection campaign, improve all administrators management level, professional ability and awareness and energy conservation and environmental protection. Actively advocate civilization, saving, green, low-carbon production and office working way, change the bad consumption model and living habit, reduce waste on campus.

Green purchasing

Quanda group established an uniform supplier management system, to choose the supplier sufficiently consider the society and commercial moral behavior, to put the energy conservation and emission and environment protection as the important basis. Promote and lead the suppliers to get the ISO system certification actively, request the suppliers strengthen the environmental awareness, and signing the Environmental hazards material guarantee of commitment>, to ensure the procurement is legal and environmental  

Green operation

Energy conservation and emission reduction. Our group through constantly strengthen energy conservation and emission reduction management, adjust industrial structure, eliminate backward production facilities and vigorously implement technical transformation measures to ensure the main indexes to keep the good trend of the decline in energy conservation and emission reduction, and there is no larger environmental pollution events.  

Green office

All of different levels in the group advocating ¡°green office, low-carbon lifestyle¡± actively, and encouraging the staffs to start from the side of small things, to cherish every once electricity, every drop of water, every piece of paper and every piece of office supplies, to prevent extravagance and waste, to enhance awareness of unexpected development, sense of responsibility and environmental awareness, to build a good atmosphere of build good atmosphere of energy conservation and emissions reduction. In terms of green office, all different levels own lots of good practice and experience.