Challenges and Objectives

Quanda is a diversified company involved in the industry are closely related to people's lives. products and services provided affect the vital interests of more than 20 million users in China., the Group focused on enhancing customersí» satisfaction, maintaining the interests of customers, enhancing product quality and safety, carrying out service, enhance independent innovation capability. Improve weaknesses, reduce customer complaints, and strive to exceed customersí» expectations, create value for customers and achieve the growth together with customers.

Customer management

Customer relationship management:  In the year 2013, the Group vigorously promoted the establishment of profit center to build wholesome customer management and customer insight system, and carried out the customer relationship management schedule at the group level based on customers, focused on creating multi-linkage of customer relationship management system, In order to build unified contact management under the guidance of unified brand.

Customer satisfaction surveys:Since 2008, Quanda group and affiliated profit centers continued regularly surveys and specific actions to improve customer satisfaction. Enhance the scientificity and accuracy of customer satisfaction survey by optimizing the method of investigation and data analysis capabilities, improve customer service system, improve customer satisfaction.

Customer information protection: Group pay full attention to the protection of customer information, relying process of combing. Focus on prevention, proactive protection grasping the key link of customer information processing.

Customer complaints handling and improved mechanisms. Group actively unclog the channels communication between the customer and the enterprise, constantly handling the complaint, implement the job responsibilities, promptly and properly resolve customer complaints, forming a rapid and effective implementation of customer feedback and improvement mechanisms.

Quality Improving

Implement the whole process of product quality control, establish quality risk management and control system. Developed the housing design, process design, sanitary design, equipment configuration, equipment layout and other specifications, to ensure that the new factory hardware facilities can meet quality and safety requirements. Passed ISO9001 certification.

  Strengthen the management of suppliers, established quality tracking feedback system.

Consumer protection

Group and its subsidiary companies strictly abide by the "Consumer Protection Law", dedicated to providing consumers the best thoughtful pre-sale and after-sales service, in the protection of consumersí» basic right to security, freedom of choice, etc. Actively organize activities in various forms to maintain consumer's right to fair trade, the right to get knowledge ,the right to supervise or criticize, so that the interests of consumers are implemented.