Challenges and Objectives

Employees are the most valuable resources and wealth. Quanda uphold the concept ¡®people-centered,¡¯ Center on the goal "time to value and employees maximize the value of the enterprise,"  Against employee rights protection not working good, occupational health work not working good, employee care activities imbalance or other issues, make efforts to improve the working environment, promote career development£¬broad occupational health, good employee care, implementation of democratic management. Through these efforts the past year, assumed responsibility for the weak link has been  improved, the protection of the interests of employees working to achieve the desired results.

Right Protection

Compliance with labor laws. We strictly enforce the labor and employment laws , regulations and policy, sign labor contracts with employees according to laws,  pay their social insurance in time, conduct salary surveys, standardized compensation management, to achieve a reasonable level growth of employees revenue


We adhere to the principle ¡°fair and equitable¡±, Employment based on the quality requirements of recruiting staff, Aims to build general business platform for every employee, so that every employee can realize their dream in the full up

Care for female employees

We strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations to protect female employees, continue to improve the working environment and conditions for them, implementing of female employees pregnancy, lactation leave provisions. And we protect equal and competitive salary welfare for employees, and provide equal opportunities for career development.

Democratic management

We uphold and improve the democratic management system on form of Congress, effectively protect employees' right to information, participation and supervision. By holding workers' congress, staff reception , rationalization proposals and other forms, employees get to know the development of enterprises, and get involved in the management of enterprises.

Employee care

Group and employee owned enterprises carry out special family difficulties assistance to alleviate the burden of difficult employees through the establishment of mutual funds, bailout fund, care fund.