Talent Strategy
Quanda Group keep up with the development of the times, develop the medium and long term talent strategic planning, by 2015, the aggregate, quality and structure of the human resources to scale with the overall development of the Group, the speed of coordination, achieve growth and business development personnel performed in synchronization. The overall objective of Groups talent development is by actively implementing and promoting the "Talent 5.3.1 Strategic Planning (5 personnel working mechanism, the three major talent project, a human resources management professional team), train and bring up a batch of good quality, scientific structure, arrangement of talent team, further optimize the Group's strategic human resource management system, improve the talent management system and talent development environment, lay strong talent foundation for reaching Quanda Group strategic vision.      
 - Specific Objective
 Talent quality continues to improve, talent structure optimization.By the end of 2015,staff size increased by approximately 50% compared with the end of 2012; educational structure, with bachelor degree or above accounted for the number of employees will reach 50% share of the total number of employees;terms of rank structure,the Group will increase the number of middle-level cadres on the existing basis of about 30%, managerial cadre of about 50% growth, personnel distribution, type, etc, structure tends to rationalization.          
 Achievements in talent introduction, personnel training level upgrade. The introduction of talent, the shortage of jobs in key real estate industry, integrated industry, new industry and other professionals conduct,by a variety of effective external hiring, internal rotation and other ways to implement the configuration,at the same time the campus recruitment reserves cultivating internal talents as an important way to normalized and institutionalized,plan by the end of 2015, number of campus recruitment should reach 30% of the total number of external recruitment; personnel training, adhere to the "internal selection, and secondly outside" , the principle of cadre selection and training required to internal promotion mainly, accounted for more than 80%,while strengthening the level of training at all levels, focusing on lifting up the management training level, cadre classes per capita reached 30 training classes before promotion.      
 Increased investment in talent development, talent effectiveness improved significantly.In talent development investment, by the end of 2015,Group employees education and training funds will be not less than 1.6% of total wages of employees; talent performance, human capital contribution rate rising, become a key factor to promote the development of enterprise quickly.        
 Talent development mechanism innovated, talent environmental formed.Perfect human resource management at all levels of the organization construction,efforts to build up strategic human resource management system to adapt Quanda development, with effective ability of organization to promote the realization of Qudan overall strategy.
 +Full Deployment
 Group carries out a comprehensive plan based on talent strategy goals, objectives and tasks fully grasp the basis of talent, combined with Group development characteristics, talent strategy goals will be pushed on with focused, scientific planed, step by step in an orderly way.          
 Promote the construction of talent Heights. To create a comprehensive view of group human resources, see building group talent Heights as an opportunity, give full play to human resources management basic role for group development, so that form a talent development environment within which talent can be gathered, utilized, fully used, and all be happy at the same time.
 Broaden the talent selection mode. Advocating competitive, fair and just principle of choose and employ persons, advocating a "small victory with wisdom, great triumph with character" employing oriented, adhere to both ability and integrity standards,establish "for talent" concept of employment. Innovate the method of choosing and employing persons,increase "As long as there is talent, whether it is enemy or loved ones should be recommended" employing courage.
 Improve the appraisal system. Gradually build and improve group cultures, advanced concepts, clear guide, standard science, perfect strategic appraisal system to adapt to the Group's development. Emphasizes the ability level, pay attention to the responsibility results, to achieve the strategic assessment index decomposition, implementation to the people, constantly strengthen the key competitiveness of group orientation of value evaluation.
 Improve the motivation and restraint system. Effectively improve the scientific level of talent incentive, on the basis of business performance evaluation, combination of material and spiritual incentive,fully mobilize the enthusiasm and inspire talent vitality,enhance human use efficiency.          
 Solid training talent team. Around the group strategy, focusing on the key and core job training objects, depending school of Management as an important training platform, based on enterprise culture,focus on capacity growth, broaden the field of vision, innovative ideas,plan and promote enterprise management personnel training plan, talent development and strategic reserves.
 Optimizing talent development environment. In policy terms while tilting talent, efforts to create a striving priority work-oriented, formed good atmosphere to encourage talents to work actively and successfully.