Group Culture
A purpose
Serving with Heart and Soul, Meeting as You Wish; Open Communication Sharing

Two never
Never satisfied, longing for change and strength;
Never stop,striving for excellence

kinds of responsibilities
Economic benefit°ĘSocial morality
Environmental protection responsibilities

Four face
For shareholders, consumers,
employees, and the community

Five kinds of spirits
The global spirit of fulfill our mission,
accelerate development.
The fighting spirit of overcome
The pioneering spirit of firm Hand,
pragmatic innovation.
The team spirit of unite as one heart.
The devotion spirit of excluding gains and losses, no regrets.

Six advocacy
Six oppositions
Advocate remembering mission,
against unambitious.
Advocate high-spirited,
against spirit slack.
Advocate responsibility,
against buck-passing.
Advocate innovation , against stuffy .
Advocate unite as one, against autocratic.
Advocate incorruptible,
against extravagance extravagant.
Quanda Group Corporate Philosophy
Let engineering plastics and products convenient like consumer goods, one-stop service solve your purchasing
problem, be the engineering plastic
expert by your side.
Learning:Keep learning to enrich our knowledge, let us and our customer
more professional.
Innovation: Focus on technology and equipment innovation, real-time
understanding of market dynamics,
innovative plastic materials and
Team Dynamics: With professional first-class services,providing customers with smooth and convenient services.
Progress:Listening to customers, grasp market demand, constantly improve
ourself, create more high-quality
materials and products, provide more perfect solution.
Passion: We can always enjoy our jobs in Quanda family.
travel in HUIZHOU
Beautiful season, very suitable for travel. In the end of September, in order to rest, inspire staff enthusiasm,
Quanda Plastics Industry Division has organized a hundred excellent staff, in batches participated in the annual
collective tourism activities.